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Cody and Katie know when to outsource.

the heroes.

Happy Human Personal Training Clients - Cody and Katie

Cody and Katie are partners in life and partners in fitness.  They live in Independence MN (a suburb of Minneapolis).  And they both hold an MBA.

They met our head trainer Amber over coffee to discuss their work with Happy Human over the past year.  Amber was very impressed with their dedication to their health.  Kudos, Cody and Katie!  Here’s the report…

the challenge.

As it turns out an MBA is hard on the body.  School wreaked havoc on Katie and Cody’s physical activity schedule.  Still, they forged ahead.  They launch their careers.  But they still couldn’t figure out how to get in shape.  Bodies felt lethargic, slow, and uninspired.  What to do?

the starting point.

“It’s important to know when to outsource” Cody explains.  They talked about the possibility of a personal trainer and then while Katie was away for a girls weekend Cody contacted Happy Human to get the ball rolling.  Katie reports, “When I got home Cody filled me in, “I found us a trainer, we are starting Monday!”  Way to take the initiative, Cody.

day one.

March 26th, 2019

sessions per week.


the trainer match.


Personal Trainer
and Quite Tall


Strength and Conditioning
Nutrition Coaching
Training for Seniors

session type.

2-Person Partner Training

session duration.

one hour

the solution.

Bryan showed up at Katie and Cody’s house bright and early one spring morning.  He listened to their challenge and devised a plan.  The backbone of the plan was one weekly meeting with Bryan to workout, to check form, and to give them their assignments for the week.  

Bryan talked with them about things they can do outside of their workouts to build their overall fitness.  Basketball games and walk/runs with their puppy ensued. 

Every week Bryan knocks on their door to make sure they are following through, council them through the inevitable plateaus, and make their workouts just a little bit more challenging than last week.

the results.

Greater diligence in portion sizes.  More vegetables.  Eating out less.  More excercise.  Avg of 10 lbs lost per month for first 5 months.  But more importantly – Cody says, “I’m more mobile on the basketball court”.  Katie says, “I just feel better.”  Cody says, “I surfed like crazy all summer”. Katie says, “I have more energy”.  Cody says “I hit golf balls as good as ever (but I still can’t putt).

portion control2

Cody and Katie, we think...

Keep Going!

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