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Happy Human Habit #5: Be Generous with Compliments


Do you have mixed feelings about the holidays?

Families can be wonderful and families can be down right difficult. This year look for the silver lining. 

See how many sincere compliments you can give. 

 Tell your Great Aunt Betty that you appreciate her bringing nuts each year. You don’t need to mention the overwhelming perfume. Notice when the young wild ones are playing well together (even if it’s just for a moment). Swoop in and compliment them. They might give you a strange look but you’ll feel better for it.

We spend a lot of time focusing on what is wrong in the world. 

This becomes a habit that can increase stress in our lives. Try practicing the opposite. Make a habit of noticing things you like. Give a coworker a compliment. Now try a family member. Now a stranger. You can start by saying the words in your head and as you get more confident you can actually tell them to the person.

Focus on what is right with the world and call it out!  You can even use this on yourself – your house, your kids, your body…

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