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Break the Cycle of Short-Term Fitness Failure: A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing Lasting Health and Vitality (40+ Edition)

We’ll guide you step-by-step to grow lasting fitness success right from your living room. With our tools, you’ll plant the seeds for a strong fitness foundation and enjoy the harvest of health, all without stepping foot outside your home.
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Your Toolkit Includes:

Break the Cycle: Your Step by Step Guide to Turning your Life into a Garden of Vitality

This guide lays out the essential elements of a fertile fitness foundation, covering schedule, finances, equipment, social support, and mindset. It’s your comprehensive layout for creating a fitness plan that’s as robust as it is resilient.

(Printable) Worksheet: Laying Out Your Garden of Vitality, Element by Element

Set aside just 30 minutes to complete your worksheet, and you’ll lay the groundwork for a fitness journey that’s built to last. This worksheet will guide you through aligning your schedule, finances, social support, and mindset, ensuring that your next step towards health and vitality is a sustainable one.

Grow Your Garden of Vitality: How This Toolkit Cultivates Lasting Fitness Success

Discover the surprising factor that is most determinate of fitness success, distilled from 30,000+ personal training sessions.

Transform your living space into a sanctuary of health and make your life your gym.

Master the art of maintaining your fitness routine despite a busy schedule or unexpected occurrences with our strategic planning advice.

Learn how to stretch your fitness budget for maximum impact without compromising on quality.

Grow a virtuous cycle of motivation with our guide to cultivating a supportive community for your wellness journey.

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