The 10 Commandments to Fitting It All In

Friends, family and blog readers often ask me how I fit it all in.  “It all” being:  single parenting an almost 13 year old boy and a 14-going-on-17 year old girl; being a civil trial lawyer; starting my own law firm; blogging and training for marathons (working on marathon #9 and counting).  They build me […]

Believe in Yourself and Be Positive

“Believe” is a word I use every day as a coach and basically in everything I do. It’s a word you need to say as you look at yourself in the mirror every morning and then take on the day with a smile. Since this is a blog for fitness minded individuals let’s apply that […]

Why beauty just won’t sit still.

Do you want to look good?  Sure you do.   This is a basic human desire.   Clients often come to work with me simply because they want to look good. But what looks good to you?  Is it this?     by  ZUPAMODOLLZ   Look closely.   This is actually a doll.   A perfect example […]