Hi, I'm Chloe

I’m a social worker turned personal trainer turned health coach & I love my work! I believe that fitness should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. My heart glows when clients start to recognize all the NSV’s (non- scale victories) that come along with focusing on their health in a new way.

Happy Human Interest Stories

  • I love my pitbull, Kiwi. We spend a lot of time at the Minnehaha dog park with our 2 doggo cousins, Mila and Blue.
  • I must have creative outlets or I’ll explode. Finding new music, dancing, painting, and being in nature are my favorites.
  • I CANNOT deal with scary movies or shows. Won’t do it.
  • I have more sandals, sneakers, & boots than I’d like to publicly admit.

Choose me if you want...

Improve your 'Deep Health'

I’m passionate about ‘Deep Health’ – the art of empowering the whole person in physical, nutritional, emotional and social wellness.  I’m certified as Health Coach as well as a personal trainer.

Improve your fitness without being judged or shamed.

There is so much fitness & nutrition shame out there, and it’s my mission to make clients feel confident and strong no matter where they are starting from.

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