hi, i'm Chloe.

Personal Trainer,
health coach

hi, i'm Chloe.

Personal Trainer, health coach

"There is SO much shame in the fitness industry. I work everyday to combat this. Its not about shaming yourself. It's about empowering yourself with goals that matter...to YOU!"

my specialties.

Body Positive Fitness

I live and breath the body positive ethos.  You are not going to get any fat-shaming here.  Nor am I going to assume your goals are the same goals that the fitness industry would push on you.  

Healthy Eating

I’m a certified personal trainer and certified health coach, so I’m very comfortable coaching basic nutrition as well as habit change that will lead to weight loss. I won’t give you a strict meal plan, I don’t believe in those.

Mindful Exercise

I’m an avid yogi and am certified in trauma informed Yoga.  I’m not officially an RYT but I enjoy informing my training practice with the mindfulness and focus of Yoga.

Other Specialities

  • Helping you ignore fad diets.
  • Working out with dogs.
  • Distracting you while you do your ‘plank’.

my credentials.

+4 yrs training experience

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Health Coach



B.A. in Social Work

Background Checked

my favorite

happy human story.

“Sessions with Chloe are going amazing. She is always on time. She is also really helping me improve my strength and wellness at my own pace. She is body positive and has never made my journey about anything other than my goals of strengthening my body. I would and have recommended her to anyone and everyone, especially to other fat people who are uncertain about being judged or forced into goals that are not important to them. She’s fantastic, you’ve found a good one!! I would not change a single thing about my experience.”


get to know me.

“I stopped making my mind and body my enemy, and now they are my greatest weapon.”


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