How does Covid-19 relate to Personal Training?

(last updated 11/16/2020)

Ok, so your 2020 has been nuts.  Your life has been rearranged.  What’s worse, some of the two most powerful ways to keep yourself sane through it all (physical activity and social contact) have been greatly reduced.  Perhaps you came looking for a way to improve your health, to boost your immunity, or just stop feeling so sluggish all the time.

But is personal training safe?  Good question…  read on.

Let's start with state of MN guidelines

Gyms and fitness centers are currently closed by order of Governor Tim Walz (as of 11/20/20).  What does this mean for Happy Human? 

First, we are not a fitness center.  We provide in-home and virtual fitness services.  One-on-one personal training is far less risky than your typical gym or fitness center.  We encourage virtual training for all our clients (new and old).  But we believe that in-home personal training is worth the risk (for most people).

But is it really safe?

We take every precaution (see section below).   But, we’d be dishonest if we said we can 100% guarantee that no Covid transmission will happen through our in-home service.  In every Covid decision we make we have to weigh the risks vs the benefits.  We like numbers.  We have done an extensive analysis of the risks and the benefits of in-home personal training.  We weighed the following factors –

*Probability of someone in the area being actively Covid positive = 0.75% (11/16/2020)

*The probability of transmission with masking and social distancing.

*Covid outcomes by various age groups.

*The benefits of high quality exercise on mood, life expectancy, immunity, mental health, etc.


Our conclusions: For people 54 years of age and under, without other risk factors such as high BMI or diabetes, we believe the benefits on in-home training outweigh the risks.  For people 55 and over we recommend against in-home personal training right now.  Please consider one of our other options.

Services we Currently Provide

In Home Training

(for most people)

In-home Personal Training is allowed under the new rules of the state.  With in-home training you are only exposed to one (very conscientious) person who is taking every precaution to ensure your safety.  “The danger is not over, but neither is our lives.” ~Gov. Walz  Let’s stay fit!

(Note: We recommend that vulnerable populations use one of our other training options.  This includes people with asthma, diabetes, or weakened immune systems.  It also includes anyone 55 or older).

Remote Online Private Training

For cold days, or for situations where outside training isn’t possible, our third choice is online training. You’d be amazed out what a great workout experience you can get with today’s technology.

Outside Personal Training

In-Home Personal Training with Kettlebells

There is just nothing like in-person 1-on-1 training for results, mood improvements, and fun factor.  So our second choice is live personal training outside (on warmer days).  In your yard, in a local park, or wherever you like!

Virtual Fitness Classes

If none of the above is right you can still get your move on with fun 30-minute virtual fitness classes.; We have an 8:30am class called “Move, Meditate and Make-a-Difference”.

What Precautions do we take for In-Person Training?

Questions, Comments, or Feedback on our Plan are Welcome!

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