Hi, I'm Denise

I love being a trainer. No two clients are the same. Each has their own story, challenges and solutions. An effective trainer sees each situation with fresh eyes. Attention to individuality is essential to creating change.

Happy Human Interest Stories

  • I’m a mother of two very active boys. So in my spare time I’m a chauffeur.
  • In my latest Marathon, I made my personal best time and I just missed qualifying for the Boston Marathon (by 6 minutes).
  • When I’m not working, I enjoying running with my friends. Many times instead of happy hour, we schedule a run!
  • My boys are in sports, I enjoy watching them participate in their games. Knowing that I’ve influenced them to be active and participate in sports makes me very happy!
  • My training style in 5 words: companion, motivator, compassionate, fun, and driven

Choose me if you want to...

Have more energy

I now have 15 years experience as a personal trainer. I have a degree in Kinesiology (the study of human movement) from the University of Minnesota. And I am an ACE certified personal trainer. After all this time helping people to exercise more I’m always amazed to see what an immediate and positive effect it has on energy level.s.

Recover from an Illness

I have more clinical experience than most personal trainers. As a Certified Medical Assistant and Cardiac Rehabilitation Therapist I’ve been blessed to help many people in their recovery process.

Make your home your gym

Dodge the gym! I can show you how as a Certified TRX Instructor and long-time distance runner.

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