Happy Human Habit #12 – Don’t let Mean Thoughts about your Body go Unquestioned.

This week – start by noticing each time you think a negative thought about your body. Just calling it out is the first step in getting that little meany in your head off of auto-pilot. If that little critic is going to criticize he is not going to be able to criticize without being noticed. 

Our thoughts are trained just like muscles.  If we think negatively, our brains wire themselves to continue down that path.  If we re-train it to thaink and see our bodies in a more positive light, we change the path and can minimize that negativity.

Shine a light on meanness. See what happens.

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The first step is to notice the critic.  Second step is to begin asking questions in response.

  • Would you say that about a friend?
  • Is it actually true?
  • What is influencing me to see my body this way?

Be relentless.  Don’t let that critic have free reign.