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Let's just make this easier, shall we?

These are complicated times, but paying for personal training shouldn't be.

Our clients told us package-based billing is cumbersome.  We agree!  

So we are switching to an easy automated billing plan.  Clients sign up once and are automatically charged every two weeks.  Each plan comes with a certain number of sessions each week, support from your trainer out of the session and in-session lifestyle coaching.

Never manually pay an invoice again. Click below to...

**Please call 612-810-0373 if you'd prefer to set this up by phone. We'll call you back and help you set it up!**

Your Trainer Thanks You!

Nathan Bahr, NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Masters in Kinesiology from Univ of MN, Over 7 Years Professional Experience

the fine print.

  • Personal training sessions – with one of the finest personal trainers in the area.
  • Support – workout design and general support for days when you don’t meet with your trainer.
  • Lifestyle Coaching – Talk with your trainer during your session about setting up your life to support your fitness goals.
  • Virtual Classes – All Happy Human clients, on any plan, get free access to our schedule of virtual classes.  This is a $75 to $100 per month value!

You are paying for a regular weekly time (or a series of regular times).  Your trainer will get in touch with you to find a day and time that works for you.


Your rate per session is set at your trainer’s previous package rate.  So, your rate should have either stayed the same or gone down. 

Any major credit card. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are accepted.

If you can’t meet at your regularly scheduled time, please contact your trainer. We may be able to reschedule. We cannot guarantee that there will be a slot available. But we will do our best!

You can get company credit for any cancelled sessions.

Cancel 24-hrs ahead of your regularly scheduled time.  Then fill out a quick online form to get your credit.   Your credit will automatically be applied to your next payment.

No problem!  Just let us or your trainer know you’d like to pause your plan until you return.

Your card will be charged on the first Monday after you sign up.  Then it will be charged every other Monday.

If you have a session before your plan begins (or if you currently owe for sessions) we’ll send you a separate invoice for those sessions. 

Your last invoice ever!

Simple.  Just email us or tell your trainer if you want to cancel your plan.  We’ll handle the rest!

Not at all.  Just keep going for as long as you like.  No commitment beyond the two week payment period.

Easy peasy!

Click below to never have to keep track of packages again!

Prefer phone? Please call 612-810-0373.
We'd be happy to help.

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