Happy Human Habit #11 – Enjoy what you eat…thoroughly.


This week – Pick a food like an orange. Close your eyes- smell it. Put it in your mouth and slowly chew it. Notice the flavors. Go slow. What if you ate every meal like this? What would that do for your enjoyment of your meals? For the amount that you eat? For your cooking skills? 

Modern humans have largely lost touch with the joy of eating.  Eating is something we are doing while we are on our way somewhere else.  Maybe we are on our phone or watching TV.  Maybe our focus is on how to get our 8-year-old to chew with his mouth closed.  

This week rediscover the miraculous experience of tasting your food.

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The first step is to pick your time. Maybe it’s when you are going to have you mid-morning snack. Maybe you have scrumptious dessert in mind. Whatever the situation make sure you can give yourself at least 2-3 minutes of uninterrupted time. Relax. Taste. Melt into it.



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