Friends and Foes of Staying Healthy

In studies done by the International Obesity Task Force, it is estimated that 1.7 billion people around the world need to lose weight and of those nearly 312 million are obese (obese is defined as a person that is at least 30 pounds over their recommended weight).  This equates to 1 in 4 people on the planet being overweight.

With such high statistics of obesity reaching global proportions it is incredibly vital for many reasons that people begin to connect with ways to stay a healthy weight. Ignoring these facts not only leads to a decreased quality of life, but also increases national expenses towards disease and a decline in family interaction and happiness due to a lack of quality time being spent together that creates connection.

Here are a few friends and foes to obtaining your healthiest weight…


  • Be completely realistic with your goals. In today’s society with media portraying stick thin women and men with six packs, it is important to remind ourselves that this is not reality for most. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. This only leads to disappointment. Instead, stick to a goal weight that is completely doable for you. For example, if you are 5’10, then thinking that 115 should be your destined weight will not only be hard on you physically but will be emotionally difficult as well. Instead, stay true to your size. This will make your goal easier to obtain and will assist in building up your self-esteem as well.
  • Keep a diary. One of the best ways to help yourself stay fit and trim is to keep a journal of the different aspects to losing weight. Keeping a tally of what is eaten daily as well as the feelings that go along with the diet and fitness process helps highlight what foods are triggers and what aspects of life are stressors.


  • Stay away from the extremes. One of the biggest causes of failures when it comes to losing weight is going for strict, highly-limited diets or trying to stick to a regime that isn’t realistic. A new habit takes three weeks to create, so if you are trying to do something that is just too hard to stick with, staying with it for three weeks can seem impossible. Instead, by kind to yourself, and keep in mind this is a lifelong process of good diet and fitness. It is not something to be created overnight.
  • Stay away from convenience foods. It can be difficult when life is in a rush to stick with a new diet and fitness plan, but know that with time the new changes will become easier. Don’t sacrifice your plan for that easy hamburger at the fast food restaurant or the frozen food that advertises being healthy. Keep in mind that switching to a healthy lifestyle is something that needs time, care, patience and mindfulness.


Naomie Pierre writes on health and diet and fitness topics on behalf of, a  trusted source for finding doctors and other healthcare professionals.