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You’ve seen commercials of exercise equipment like this that motivate and inspire you to purchase them in the hopes of losing weight and becoming fit. After all, the commercials show lean and trim bodies using the equipment, so it must work. If you can afford the monthly payments of one of these miracle machines, then you must be committed. After the first month or two, the exercise device finds a permanent home in the basement corner. It must be broken in some way, right?

Instead of investing money in equipment that may wind up taking up space in your home, why not take a look at the free exercise equipment you already have? There are all kinds of free exercise equipment laying around that could help you eliminate some of that spare tire that is seemingly inflating with the passage of time.

1. Books in a Bag

A few books in a duffel bag can make for a great device for curls. As easy as it would be to add weights, a book or two can be included to increase the resistance. It may sound silly to think of, but a duffel bag full of books can weigh quite a bit. Instead of spending money on dumbbells for your curls, the written word can be your trainer.

2. 12-pack of Pop

As long as your careful to not rip the cardboard, a 12-pack of pop can be used to work out most muscle groups in your shoulders including your deltoids. Simply lifting the cases repeatedly will create a workout. And when you’re done, you can pop open a victory can.

3. Stack of Phone Books

Many of us have phone books laying around the house that are close to a decade old. These books can weigh quite a bit depending on the area you live in. Carrying a stack of these up and down stairs could work out a number of muscles in your legs and back. Having someone place phone books on your back during pushups could give a little more “umph” into the push. If you live in New York, driving a metal rod through two phone books could give yourself a hefty little bench press.

4. House-cleaning

Rigorous house-cleaning can work all kinds of muscle groups depending on the task you are committing to. Mopping floors, scrubbing shower tiles, wiping down walls, and more can produce a sweat on your brow not to mention a clean home. By committing yourself to 20 minutes per day of rigorous cleaning, you can keep yourself feeling good at the end of the day in more ways than one.

5. Furniture Moving

By reorganizing your living room, you can essentially work out nearly every muscle in your body. Lifting, pushing, and pulling in every way possible can work out muscles you didn’t even know you had. This could become an all-day event depending on how much furniture you have. If you are bored enough, you could rearrange the furniture only to arrange it back again. It’s a way to keep your spouse or roommate on his or her toes as the room looks different every time they walk into it.

Although some of these ways to keep fit may sound silly, there is quite a bit of truth to using items around the house to help in your exercise routine. As long as the items don’t pose a threat to yourself or others, nearly anything can be used to create the weight resistance you need. If you’re on a strict budget, using the free exercise equipment you already have laying around is a really great option.

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