Happy Human Habit #4 – Greet your family with joy.


It’s the end of a long day.  

Someone you care about walks in the door of your home.  Give them a moment of your time. A moment of your love.

You know that wonderful excited feeling you have when your kid gets home from overnight camp or spending time with their grandparents. You greet them with smiles and hugs and your full attention. 

This is also probably the way your dog greets you every night when you get home from work. Tonight when you arrive home – pause what you are doing, give your family your full attention, welcome each other (the hugs and kisses part depends entirely on age and temperament!)

Transitions are important. They can set the tone of an entire day or evening. A hug as you go out the door in the morning. A smile as you pass the security guard in your office building. 

Often we come home full of thoughts; frustrations about how the day went, excitement over new ideas or projects, sometimes we bring work home with us.  Tasks to be done.  Emotions to process.  Give yourself and your loved ones a clear transition into home. If you’re watching TV or cooking dinner, pause, give them a moment of your time. 

A hug. 

A smile.

And a “how was your day?”