Hi, I'm Kyle

I like to take my passion for fitness and health and share it around.  To as many people as possible!

Happy Human Interest Stories

  • My training philosophy in a nutshell: Have as much fun as possible while working out!
  • I am a diehard Iowa Hawkeyes fan (living behind enemy lines, Gopher lines that is).
  • I’m a dog dad to our puppy Cashew.
  • I’m getting married in Fall of 2019!  

Choose me if you want...

Healthy Weight Loss

In addition to my personal training certification I’ve earned my Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification from NASM.  I have a passion for helping people lose weight in a healthy and sustainable fashion.

To get better at Kettlebells or TRX training

These are my two favorite pieces of equipment and they really lend themselves well to training at home.  Allow me to teach you the basics so you can workout at home any time you want.

Prevent Injuries

I recently completed my NASM CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist) certification.  Whew!  Not an easy certification.  But I’m glad I did it.  It gave me a lot more capacity to help my clients identify areas in which they are vulnerable to injury and to correct it!

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