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Finally, fitness that:

Doesn't take time away from family

Has zero judgement

Is tailored to your goals & what you enjoy

Focuses on long-term health, not unrealistic fads


your game-changers.

Our trainers are carefully selected, not just by their resume and accomplishments, but by their personality and vibe.  So, everyone who’s part of the Happy Human team isn’t just good at what they do, they are great listeners, problem-solvers and just plain good to be around, too.

"My favorite thing about my trainer is how down to earth she is, how she recognizes that good things take time. With the exercises she gave me, I can run again without any pain. That, to me, is priceless."
Hillis Byrnes
of Minneapolis
"It doesn't hurt to ask for what you need. I felt like I landed on exactly the right trainer for me. I had a very specialized need going in that required a certain type of emotional sensitivity. Not only was my inquiry treated with respect, but I found exactly what I was looking for."
Ari Jensen
of Minneapolis

do you work with _____ ?

We work with a wide variety of people.  If you are a professional athlete or bodybuilder we are probably not the best match for you.  Other than that, we got ya covered.

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