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Katharina von Pestalozza, NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Health Coach, Over 20 Years Professional Experience

"Personal training is not just about exercise. It's also about developing a foundation of good habits and mental wellbeing. And all of that starts with a smile."

my specialties.

Working with Seniors

A good percentage of clients are 75+.  I really enjoy the rewards that come with increasing the active longevity of my clients. 

Healthy Eating

I’m a health coach as well as a personal trainer.  If you like I can work with you on good eating and lifestyle habits in addition to creating exercise programs.

Lifting Heavy Things

I really enjoy barbell training.  And it doesn’t take a set a barbells to get the benefits of lifting.  You can get similar benefits with everyday at home items.

Family-Friendly Fitness

I love sharing fitness with the whole family.  And I’ve had ample experience managing kids around around workouts.  I have two daughters of my own (and few pet bunnies)!

my credentials.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

IIN Nutrition Health Coach

CPR Certified


Certified Row Coach

20 yrs experience in Fitness and Customer Service

Full Background Check

my personal training plans.

Easy automatic monthly payments.  Choose your plan.  Then we charge your card on the 1st of each month.  (Your first month’s payment is prorated for however many days are left in the calendar month.)  Cancel anytime.  

Try 3 Sessions with No Financial Risk

“Katharina is simply a joy.  I look forward to her three visits each week.  It feel more like a friend coming to visit and catch up than it does exercise.”


the fine print.

We think you are going to love working with Happy Human.  And we know that it can daunting to sign up for a program before you’ve met your trainer in person.  So cancel anytime before your 4th session.  You’ll get a FULL refund of all payments to that point.  No questions asked.  No messing around.  No kidding.

  • Personal training sessions – with one of the finest personal trainers in the area.
  • Support – workout design and general support for days when you don’t meet with your trainer.
  • Lifestyle Coaching – If you’d like, we can help you set up the rest of your life support your new fitness habit.
  • Virtual Classes – All Happy Human clients, on any plan, get free access to our schedule of virtual classes.  This is $75 to $100 per month value!

You are paying for a weekly time slot. We’ve learned over the years that having a set time for your sessions really helps with follow through. Your trainer will get in touch with you to find a slot that works for all parties.

Any major credit card. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are accepted.
You are paying for a given time slot each week. If you can’t meet at your regularly scheduled time please contact your trainer. We may be able to accommodate a reschedule. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that there will be a time slot availble. But we’ll do our best!

No, we won’t charge you.

Please cancel 24-hrs ahead of your regularly scheduled time.  If you cancel 24-hrs ahead of your scheduled session you will get company credit that can be used to pay down your next month of payments.  Just fill out our quick online form to claim your credit.

If you are gone for 2 weeks or less it’s probably best to just cancel your weekly sessions for those two weeks.  You’ll get credit off your next months payment. Gone for 3 weeks or more?  No problem, just put your service on hold.  Let your trainer know and we’ll stop your payments and service for the month.

Yes! We love working with 2-person teams. It’s just $10 more per session as it does make for extra planning time for the trainer. Please select training with a partner as an ‘add-on’ when you checkout.

Nope.  Keep going month by month.  Just let us know before the first of the month if you’d like to discontinue service.

get to know me.

“Be the energy you want to attract.”


Prefer phone? Please call 612-810-0373.
We'd be happy to setup your plan via phone.

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