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What are you doing tomorrow morning at 11:00am?

Hi Happy Human,

Maybe you’ve been curious about our 8:30am class Move, Meditate, and Make a Difference.

But 8:30am is just not your thing.  Or maybe you want more!  We now have an 11am fitness class for you.  Stay Active at Home with Ginny and Nate!

Stay Active at Home is a moderate intensity workout designed to keep your energy up during your stay at home time. All ages welcome! It is brought to you by certified Happy Human trainer Nate Bahr and his wife Ginny Bahr.  Ginny is a yoga and fitness instructor.

They bring to you a challenging yet approachable experience.  No equipment necessary!  You just need a little space. 

Please join Ginny and Nate!  Take care of your body and brighten your day!


Meet Nate.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

And Ginny.

Yoga and Fitness Instructor

Since I’ve started working from home I have been having troubles staying motivated to get a work out in through out the week! Nate and Ginny have changed that with their online classes! Also after each class they spread words of positivity and reflection for the day. Mind, Body, and Soul is the best way to to describe Nate and Ginnys program!
Michael Ervas
Analyst from Saint Paul, MN
If I can find one positive thing that has come out of the COVID 19 lockdown, it's working out every day with Nate and Ginny! I hope that even after life gets back to normal, we will be able to continue getting better together! It's so quick and convenient too! You just jump online and in 30 minutes - BOOM! Work out done!
Patti D.
Paralegal from Nisswa, MN

Join us every morning at 11:00am for a FREE and live online workout !

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