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Step 1 - Are you Ready?

You should plan to spend $85 for an hour session.  And $65 for 45-min sessions.  We recommend budgeting for at least one session per week.  Any less and it is difficult to develop the new habits that will get you on the path to achieving your aspirations.

If this doesn’t fit your budget please consider our virtual classes option.

Yes you do!

So long as you have a space the size of a yoga mat you have everything you need.  We use bodyweight exercises and for in-person sessions we bring our own equipment.

You don’t have to be in great shape already!  That’s why you are here after all!  If you have any conditions that may be made worse by exercise you should get your doctor’s permission first

You don’t have to pay up front.  We’ll bill you after your first session.  We take cash, check, credit cards or paypal.

We can provide online training to anywhere in the United States.  For in-person training we service Minneapolis, St. Paul and most of the twin cities suburbs.  If you aren’t sure get in touch with us in Step 2!

Step 2 - Other burning questions? Get them answered.


call: 612-810-0373

Step 3 - Start that Ball a Rolling!

Click the button below.  It will take you to our new client forms.  Once you have filled them out we’ll assign a trainer to you and talk scheduling!  Plan 5 to 10 minutes to complete the form.

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