Work It Out! Tips to get your workout up and running


We’re nearly five months into the New Year and already you’ve reneged on one of the most popular resolutions made by man and woman-kind: Going to the Gym. There’s no denying that life is hectic and fraught with obligations, distractions and temptations but it’s not too late. Even if you don’t start off January with your knee braces for running in tow, once there is breath in your lungs, you can make working out part of your active reality.

Do I HAVE To Work Out?

The short answer is Yes. Here’s the longer rationale…

Your body is like a machine, subject to external elements and to the things you put in it. Just like a machine, if it isn’t maintained and tuned up, it will become difficult to maneuver and may stop working all together. You only get one body in this life so let’s do what we can to get you moving and enjoying it to the fullest!



Do Some Prep! With any new project, there’s some ground work to be done…

If you have a sullen attitude towards going to the gym, there are little things you can do to make it something to look forward to. One way is going shopping! You don’t have to go for expensive, brand-name gear and attire, but trudging into the fitness center in holey slacks and your threadbare jerseys sends a poor message to your brain. Invest in a new pair of sneakers, some well fitting pants or tights, and knee braces and ankle bands for support if you need it. New clothes to help you achieve a new you!

Bring A Friend! You don’t have to go it alone…

Sometimes it’s hard to keep yourself motivated. Your weight loss may reach a plateau or there may be that one day when you don’t have a good enough reason not to go to the gym, but you don’t go anyway. This is where a buddy comes in. You can feed off each other’s energy and be each other’s cheerleader when you’ve come to a challenging point. Be it someone from work, a spouse or a relative –  having a gym buddy is an excellent way to ensure that you meet you gym quota and always have a shoulder to lean on when then rowing gets tough.

Be Realistic! Remember why you’re going to the gym…

Try embracing the gym as a part of your life, not as a quick fix to lose a coupe pounds. Weight fluctuates and we may not always be able to eat the healthiest foods, but we can rest assured that we’ll burn it off when we hit the treadmill. Short term glamour based goals are counterproductive to a healthy lifestyle. The gym experience should incorporate general health AND aesthetic goals. You’re working out for all the parts of your body you can and can’t see! You may not look like a runway model after one week but bet your bottom dollar, you will have increased your lung capacity.

Abby Evans is an avid blogger and loves writing about fitness. In her spare time she is training for half marathons and finding the perfect knee brace for running.

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