Trainer Updates Page

This page is for Happy Human trainers.  Request a credit for a session you had to cancel.  Refer someone to us.  Give us some feedback.  Change your range!

Request Credits for Your Client

Use this form to request up to 4 credits for your client.  If you need more fill out a second form.

Refer a Client

Did someone approach you who lives outside your range?  Maybe they don’t fit your schedule.  Maybe you don’t have the skill set they need.  Whatever the case, we are honored that you would refer them to us.  Thank you!

Suggestion Box

Have a suggestion to make Happy Human better?  Have an idea as to how make it easier to give clients extraordinary fitness experiences?  Let us know here!

Vacation/Leave Form

Hi Happy Human Trainer!  If you are going to be away from your work for vacation, maternity/paternity leave, a medical procedure, or any other reason please fill out this form.  We will use this information to put a ‘pause’ on all your clients’ billing plans.  You don’t need to do so for each client.

Please only fill this out if you are going be away for 8 or more days.  For leave’s of 7 days or less simply fill out the ‘request a credit’ form for each of your clients that you cannot reschedule.

How are You?

You are a Happy Human trainer.  You are the lifeblood of this company and a light in the lives of all your clients.  Give us a reading on how you are doing.  Let us help!

Refer a Trainer

As you know, we are always on the lookout for talented trainers to join our team.  Do you know someone who has a passion for fitness?  Are they certified?  Do they bring that special something to their client sessions?

Change your Geographic Range

Driving too much?  Reduce your range.  Don’t have enough clients?  Extend your range.  Choose to adjust your range in terms of radius from your home or add/remove zip codes one at a time.