invest in yourself.

Think of personal training as an investment, an investment with a crazy-good return: being stronger than your 20-year-old self, fewer surprises at the doctor’s office, that post-workout glow, and how about an extra 10 years to tackle that bucket list?

how our pricing works.

Our fitness plans are custom-crafted, as is our pricing. Talk to our headtrainer to design just the right plan for your budget, your life, and your goals.

our average hourly rate.


per hour-long session

what’s included?

Fun Fitness through Personal Training

a custom-crafted session.

Best Personal Trainers in Town

a caring and experienced trainer.

Personal Training for Seniors and Longevity

unlimited communications with your trainer.

Good Habits through Personal Training

exercise plan for the rest of your week.


$50 off

Buy a package of 10 sessions or more and get a little thank-you for giving back to your body.

train with a friend.


Couples, best friends, or neighbors can train together.  Perhaps you know someone who you’d like to spend some quality time with?

How many times per week?

1 to 3

A regular weekly rhythm is a great foundation for your fitness habits.  Your trainer can give you a plan for the days of the week you don’t meet with them.

short on time?

45-min sessions

Some of our trainers offer 45-min sessions.  Ask us if this option is available in your neighborhood.  45-min sessions tend to be in the $75 range.


what does taking care of your body really cost?

1 month of training equals

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