invest in yourself.

Think of personal training as an investment, an investment with a crazy-good return: being stronger than your 20-year-old self, fewer surprises at the doctor’s office, that post-workout glow, and how about an extra 10 years to tackle that bucket list?

how our pricing works.

Our pricing is based on the experience and skill level of the trainer.  Sessions typically range from $70 to $115 per hour.

our average rate.


per hour-long session

what’s included?

Fun Fitness through Personal Training

a custom-crafted sessions.

Best Personal Trainers in Town

a caring and vetted trainer.

Personal Training for Seniors and Longevity

unlimited communications with your trainer.

Good Habits through Personal Training

exercise plan for the rest of your week.

How many times per week?

1 to 3

A regular weekly rhythm is a great foundation for your fitness habits.  Choose between 1 and 3 times per week.

train with a friend.


Couples, best friends, or neighbors can train together.  Perhaps you know someone who you’d like to spend some quality time with?

minimum commitment?

8+ weeks

We don’t make you sign a contract.  But we do ask you to think of Happy Human as a long-term commitment.  We want to make changes that a last a lifetime!  This does take some time so please wait until you are ready to commit to at least a few months of training.


what does taking care of your body really cost?

1 month of training equals

a daily trip to Starbucks. 10% of the average tax refund. 1 weekly family superhero flick. a summer of unused gym memberships.

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