Why is Happy Human risk free?

We will refund100% of your payments for up to your first 3 personal training sessions. Or try 3 virtual classes without paying a dime.

Can I do more than 3 sessions per week?

Absolutely! Talk to us about pricing. But we wouldn't recommend doing more then 3x/week to start. We are all about gradual wins!

Can I do monthly or bi-weekly sessions?

We don't offer frequencies of less than one time per week. We find that the once per week frequency is important for client consistency.

Is this pricing for virtual training also?

Yes, this price is for virtual training, in-home training, senior training and all the private session services we offer.

What is the price range for personal training?

Pricing is approximate and will vary according to your trainer's experience. It will be between $75 and $105/session.

Can I train with another person?

Fitness is better shared. Just add $10 to the weekly prices above. For instance, a two-person team will be approximately $95 per week total.

Can I do just a few sessions?

We ask our clients to think of Happy Human as a commitment of at least 2-months. The real magic starts to kick in after 6-weeks or so of training.