be your own boss.

Become an in-home personal trainer.

Cindy, Happy Human Team Member and Own Boss since 2019

our purpose.

Help Real People
Break the Cycle of Fitness Failure
to Create Lifelong Vitality

help real people

Our focus is on helping everyday people who need fitness help. We are not often approached by bodybuilders or olympic athletes.

Our minneapolis personal trainer team take a new approach to fitness. Not one so focused on the scale.

break the cycle

We don't encourage the use of short-term strategies like dieting or chasing fitness fads. We want trainers who give solid, well-researched, advice.

create lifelong vitality

Form lifelong relationships with your clients. Imagine what a difference you could make with someone if you got to work with them for several years. Several decades?

we are easy to work with.

Work from home.  Work when you want.  Train your clients how you want.  We nudge you to be the best personal trainer you can be and to reach your career goals.  But we don’t demand, berate, fly off the handle, or turn passive aggressive.  We’ll leave the egos for the gym.

Meet the Support Team!

Here are the folks behind the scenes who support the trainers and clients.

Amber Walker

Co-Owner and Headtrainer

White Jesse Aboutpage Headshot

Jesse Walker

Co-Owner and Head of Operations

Tara Anderson

New Client Helper

Kristin Nagashima

Billing and Data Manager

how you get paid.

You earn a generous commission from every client payment that comes in.  We’ve set the rates to make sure that your hourly rate is higher than the best hourly rates that top-tier gyms can offer.  (And that includes your time spent traveling and planning sessions).

you ready? you look ready.

yep, you’re definitely ready.