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“…counting the small wins is what really keeps you going”

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Case Study: Cody and Katie rebuild their fitness with Happy Human after a grueling MBA program.

The Problem

As it turns out getting an MBA is hard on the body. School wreaked havoc on Katie and Cody’s physical activity schedule. Still, they forged ahead. They launch their careers. But they still couldn’t figure out how to keep their bodies feeling energetic.  Cody and Katie wanted to feel less lethargic and uninspired.

The Solution

  • After getting to know Katie and Cody we assigned them to our trainer Bryan.  Bryan likes to train in the early morning when Katie and Cody wanted to workout.  Also he has a combination of nutrition and personal training certifications.  Something Katie and Cody thought might be helpful.
  • One spring morning Bryan showed up at Katie and Cody’s door.  Together they talked and devised a plan…
  • The backbone of the plan was one weekly session with Bryan.  During this session Bryan would check form and give them assignments for the rest of the week.
  • They supplemented regular workouts with basketball games (a passion both Cody and Bryan shared).  Katie would give frequent walks to their new puppy.
  • As time passed Bryan kept adjusting the program to be more difficult.  Workouts became more challenging, longer walks, 100’s of small wins and a few big ones…

5-Months Later: The Wins

More energy for living life

Cody says, “I’m more mobile on the basketball court.” Katie says, “I have more energy”. Cody says, “I surfed like crazy all summer!”

Better Eating Habits

Cody and Katie have now built a lifelong habit of eating out less, eating more veggies and having a greater diligence of portion sizes.

An Interesting Side Effect

It just so happens that Cody and Katie averaged losing about 10 lbs per month. The focus of the program was on better eating and building energy for fun physical activities. But sometimes everything lines up and weight loss just happens as a side effect.


big wins, small wins, and everything in between.

Those wheelchair days are long gone. My mom has reversed her aging process… Best of all, SHE’S HAPPY! She has a new best friend coming to the house three times a week with a new set of ears to hear all the same old stories.

Mary Kaye


Business Analyst and Wonder Woman

  • Decreased debilitating pain.  
  • Got off Coke (the kind you drink).  
  • Ran 1st 5k ever!

"Sometimes there are big wins, but counting the small wins is what really keeps you going."

“I can honestly say this was the best investment I have made in a long while.”

Stan Volkman


Tax Manager and Perpetual Student

  • Started working out on a regular schedule.  
  • More energy at work.  
  • Learned to use kettlebells.  
  • Decided to go back to school to study nutrition.

and a few more for good measure.

"I'm becoming the kind of person that actually likes my workouts - never thought that would happen.."
Alfonso Wenker of Minneapolis
I track my calories on my apple watch during my workout and am consistently burning 500-600 active calories a session
Jen Cook of Minneapolis
My plan was to learn a couple routines and continue on my own but Lori has made it so fun I'm still with her. Who knew it would feel so good!! As a bonus, I've lost 30 pounds, and my knee no longer hurts!
Leta Foster of Minneapolis
I have had training in the past that I would dread/avoid, but I look forward to work-outs now. Haven't missed one since we started. I am so glad I found this service!
Sarah Elifson of St. Paul
"I am 67 years old and have rheumatoid arthritis and type 2 diabetes.  I've lost 2 lbs per month and I feel like it will stay off.."
Genette Freeman of Denver
"My trainer realizes that loving your body doesn't mean loving the body you have if only you worked out more, it means loving the the body you have. With the exercises my trainer gave me, I can run again without any pain. That, to me, is priceless."
Amy Hillis of Minneapolis
Down a total of 38 lbs. – yikes, I still can’t believe I needed to lose that much! Only about 9 more to go J. You keep supplying the tools and I’ll keep showin’ up – I’m confident that I’ll reach my goal!
Debbie Chapman of St. Paul
I've had trouble sticking with fitness programs in the past. But the fact that these classes happen every single weekday at 8:30am has really made it a habit for me. And I have to show up because I know Amber is keeping track!
Ann Keuper of La Crosse