get your own online personal trainer.

And build the energy to live your dreams

get your own online personal trainer.

And build the energy to live your dreams

online personal training session
Trainer Nancy working on ankle stability with Happy Human client, Meggy
(Meggy happens to have equipment, but it's not necessary to train with Happy Human)

if you aren't getting the results you want here's why...

New Year’s resolutions not lasting to February?  Fizzling out on the latest fad diet? Surprises at the doctor’s office?

It’s not you!  The fitness industry has failed you with hype, overpromising, and profiting off a boom/bust cycle of fitness failure.

You deserve to have someone actually on your side.  A friend who will tell you the straight story and make a custom plan that is right for your body and your lifestyle.

find the energy to live your dreams.

We get it.  A sluggish, unhealthy body can stand between you and what you want to do in life.  It’s why we started Happy Human.

For over 30,000 client hours, we have helped real people like you find their unique fitness rhythm so they can stay active, feel vibrant, and look radiant.

And we can’t wait to help you do the same… (and without all the bluster, quick-fixes, and upsells).

Virtual personal trainer and client during an online training session
Trainer Nancy working on core strength with Happy Human client Kristen


but enough about us, let’s talk about you.

Online Personal Training Services for Every Need

Online Personal Trainer and Nutritionist providing virtual coaching

Online Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Ask for one of our trainer who doubles as a nutrition coach.  Address both sides of the fitness equation.

women's online personal training session where female client balances on Bosu ball with trainer's guidance

Online Personal Trainer for Women

Middle-aged and Senior Women have a different set of challenges.  We have trainers who specialize in helping women navigate these challenges.

senior woman in an online personal training session

Online Personal Trainer for Seniors

Most personal trainers are NOT equipped to train seniors.  Over 80% of our trainers are experienced in working with 65+ people.

benefits of choosing us.

Fitness on Automatic

Our trainers help you set up your lifestyle and habits which means you'll be improving your health and fitness all day, not just during your sessions.

Lifelong Results

Accountability will do wonders for your consistency. And consistency means results that last a lifetime, not just a season.

Rest Easy

Our trainers are HIGHLY vetted, certified, insured, and experienced. Which means your risk of injury is low and your progress will be fast.

1, 2, 3 time to break free with…

the fit-for-life plan.


Find an Online Personal Trainer.

Fill out a quick form, so we can match you to the best trainer for you.

Put your Fitness on Automatic.

You’ll meet your trainer who will make a customized plan.  You’ll overcome obstacles and always know what to do and when.

Stronger, Healthier, Happier.

You’ll finally achieve your fitness goals, allowing you to tackle your dreams with an abundance of energy.

but enough about us, let’s talk about you.

the reviews are in.


"She IS the reason I train!"

I have been working with Katharina for over 2 years, maybe even 3. She is patient, positive and takes the time to make sure I am doing the work out correctly. She is also flexible with my changing schedule. She IS the reason I have continued to train. I am not a fan of any type of training or exercise, but know its good for me. I am so grateful for her.
Roxie Theisen of Richmond, MN
About Online Personal Trainer Katharina

"I love the remote option!"

Happy Human has found great personal trainers for me, not just once but twice! My trainer listens to me, and tailors the work-out to my overall goal, but also adjusts on the fly to my need on a specific day. Whether I start the work-out tired and stiff, or with good energy, I always come out better and encouraged! I also love the remote option, which gives added flexibility to reschedule when work gets in the way. Happy Human successfully helps me be a happy human!
Meggy Wagner of Edina, MN
About Online Personal Trainer Nancy

"Exercising every week for 4 years"

Before Happy Human I had terrible workout habits - really no workout habits. I never stuck with any workout routine for more than a few weeks. Since working with Happy Human I have been consistently exercising every week for almost 4 years. I am even adding more exercise to my life beyond my work with Happy Human. Happy Human has completely changed my relationship to fitness and exercise.
Andrea Ryan of Richfield, MN
About Online Personal Trainer Katharina

all the goodies.


Accountability means consistency and consistency means lifelong changes.

Habit Coaching

Make improvements 24 hrs a day. Fitness will be built into the fabric of your life.

Highly-Vetted Trainers

Rest easy. You are in the hands of a true expert. Your body will be safe. And you'll progress quickly.

A New Friend

Our clients are our friends. Friendship helps weather the inevitable setbacks and plateaus.

Help with Equipment

No equipment necessary. If you have equipment, you’ll never wonder if you are using it properly.

Workout Planning

You’ll always know what to do. Less guessing and more moving!

One-of-a-Kind Sessions

Sessions customized exactly to your body. You won’t get derailed with excessive soreness.

Easy Technology

Even our 80-year-old client find it easy to get into the habit of logging in to their sessions.

Auto Scheduling/ Billing

We’ll put everything on automatic so there will be fewer reasons to fall off the wagon.

we’re certified.

are we a good match?

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