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Apple Valley Personal Trainer for Weight Loss

did I really pay a membership fee for this?

Between the thump-thump of the bad music, other people’s sweat and the hollering of drill-sergeant-like trainers, it’s hard to love gym culture. Luckily, with Happy Human, you don’t have to (you can thank us later).

We believe you deserve better than what the gym can offer.

there’s a way better way.

We get it.  You want to take care of your body.  You want energy.  You want health.  You want strength. But you don’t want to expose yourself to the highly manipulative gym culture.  There’s a solution…

For over a decade, 100’s of clients, and over 30,000 client hours we’ve been hard at work building a fresh new way to achieve your fitness goals.  One that works around your goals, your schedule, and your way of life.   Sound refreshing, doesn’t it?

Apple Valley Female Personal Trainer


benefits of choosing us.

Fitness on Automatic

Our trainers help you set up your lifestyle and habits which means you'll be improving your health and fitness all day, not just during your sessions.

Lifelong Results

Accountability will do wonders for your consistency. And consistency means results that last a lifetime, not just a season.

Rest Easy

Our trainers are HIGHLY vetted, certified, insured, and experienced. Which means your risk of injury is low and your progress will be fast.

but enough about us, let’s talk about you.

1, 2, 3 time to break free with…

the fit-for-life plan.


Find an Apple Valley Personal Trainer.

Fill out a quick form, so we can match you to the best trainer for you.

Put your Fitness on Automatic.

You’ll meet your trainer who will make a customized plan.  You’ll overcome obstacles and always know what to do and when.

Stronger, Healthier, Happier.

You’ll finally achieve your fitness goals, allowing you to tackle your dreams with an abundance of energy.

now, a word from our clients.



Tax Manager and Perpetual Student

Started working out on a regular schedule.  More energy to work.  Learned to use kettlebells.  Decided to go back to school to study nutrition.


Child Psychiatrist and Newlywed

When she started she was short of breath climbing a few flights of stairs.  Now she races 6-year-olds up them.

Business Analyst &
Wonder Woman

Decreased debilitating pain.  Got off Coke (the kind you drink).  Ran 1st 5k ever!


Property Manager &
“Fur Mom”

Leaves her pets flabbergasted with all the cool moves she can do.

here is what you'll get.

We are not your typical wham-bam hour of sweat and pain.  Our Apple Valley Personal Trainer will get to know you and your body, they will coach you to live your best life, and they will be there when you need them.

Apple Valley Personal Trainer At Home

Weekly Sessions

Stay consistent with weekly sessions. And consistency means lifelong changes.

Apple Valley Personal Trainer for Beginners

A Top-Notch Trainer

Know that you are in the hands of a true (certified and insured) expert. Your body will be safe and you'll work efficiently.

Habit Coaching

Improve for 24-hrs of the day not just one. This means fitness will be built into the fabric of your life.

Apple Valley Personal Trainer that Comes to Your Home

Discreet Service

Your trainer is your business. Our trainers arrive in unmarked vehicles so your privacy remains, well... private.

Apple Valley Personal Trainer Weight Lifting

Workout Plans

You'll always know what to do next so you can focus on staying consistent.

Apple Valley Personal Trainer in Your Home

Help with Equipment

Learn how to use equipment you own or enjoy the equipment your trainer brings with them. You'll never get bored.

In-Home Personal Trainer Apple Valley

A New Friend

You won't be alone on your fitness journey. You'll look forward to your sessions each week.

Apple Valley Personal Trainer for Elderly and Seniors


Whether you are 30, 45, or 75 you are in the right place. 90% of our trainers have experience working with seniors. Your workouts won't hurt your body.

Minneapolis Personal Trainer for Disabled

Customized to Your Body

Your sessions will be made with your body in mind. So you won't be asked to do things that don't make sense for you.

are we a good match?

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And did we mention?

We are a locally owned and operated
business. we are apple valley's neighbors

In the heart of Apple Valley, where community meets natural splendor, neighborhoods such as Cedar Isles, Palomino Hills, and the picturesque Lac Lavon Lake stand as beacons for residents seeking a harmonious blend of lifestyle and fitness. Spanning the zip codes of 55124, 55122, and 55121, Happy Human’s Apple Valley personal trainers bring the convenience and personalization of in-home fitness, aligning with your unique pace of life and wellness aspirations. It’s here, amid the city’s inviting landscapes and vibrant social scenes, that fitness becomes a deeply integrated aspect of daily life.

Apple Valley’s ethos of vitality and community engagement reflects in the tailored fitness strategies offered by Happy Human. Embracing the city’s ethos, our personal trainers in Apple Valley focus on creating a fitness routine that feels as natural and invigorating as a walk in Kelley Park or an afternoon at the Minnesota Zoo. The approach is simple yet profound: to foster wellness through encouragement, realistic goals, and a deep understanding of the human journey towards health and happiness.

The narrative of Apple Valley is one of transformation and community, a theme that resonates with the Happy Human philosophy. Here, personal trainers are more than fitness experts; they are your neighbors and partners in building a lifestyle that embodies the spirit of Apple Valley. Engaging with Happy Human means embarking on a fitness journey that not only transforms your body but also strengthens your connection to the city’s vibrant heart, ensuring that every step towards wellness is a step closer to the essence of Apple Valley.

we’re certified.