Because we focus on long-term results. Any diet or fitness plan can work in the short-term.  But almost none of them have results that last. Our main value proposition to you is building a framework of fitness into your daily life. At first this framework is your trainer showing up to give you your workout. But as you work with us we install points of support throughout your day. In this way the muscle memory of your life is changed forever. Forever habits equal forever results. (And by the way.  Our trainers average over 10 years of experience and have masters or bachelor’s degrees in a related field.  These trainers are artists!  They are a cut above the typical trainer you’ll find at your local gym.)

We don’t have a brick and morter location. We train clients in-home, at condo/apartment complex gyms, outside, or at select locations around the Twin Cities.

Because we don’t have a physical location we don’t have an enormous client quota to fill every month. This means we give our clients a higher quality service than if we were trying to pack in 8 to 12 clients a day.

Less than a car payment.  

Our prices are comparable to other personal training services.  We charge on average $85 for a1-hr session (or $65 for 45-minute).  Ways to save include buying session packages and training with a buddy.  For the low down on prices visit our pricing page.  For an exact quote get in touch!

You are not alone.  We get many contact each month from adult children looking to help their parents.  We pride ourselves on our ability to – prevent falls, extend the ability live independently, end social isolation, and provide fun and caring environment for seniors.

No equipment necessary.  Your trainer brings everything.  All you need is a space the size of yoga mat (and you don’t even need the yoga mat).

Currently none of our trainers are allergic to dogs or cats.  We are animal lovers who enjoy social pets.

Most of our trainers have kids and understand the unique pressures of having children.  They understand!  

If your kids are around at your workout time we will work with your family set up good habits around your session (maybe it’s movie time for the toddler).  Some kids even like to join in from time to time!

By check, cash, paypal, or credit card.  You can pay at the time of session or we can send you an invoice.

Does the pope wear a funny hat?  One of our main criteria for hiring is that our trainers are accepting of all races, ages, body-sizes, gender, and sexual-orientation.

You’re Perfect!  We specialize in working with people who are out-of-shape. 

We use a non-shaming approach to fitness.  And we encourage you to do the same.

There are so many factors in fitness that are out of your control.  It’s not fair to beat yourself up for these factors.  But there is a way to make progress.  And we’d love to show you that way.

Wait...my question isn't on this list!

No problem.  Just send in your question below and we’ll get back with you ASAP!

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hello, human.

Wondering how to stay fit (and sane) while sheltering in place?

This cheery little window will tell you everything you need to know about Happy Human during the COVID-19 health crises.  We will update it as new information becomes available.  Last update? 3/26/20

Join us every morning at 8:30am for a FREE and live online workout and meditation!

Yes, we do!  Please click out of this window and find a get started button.  Prices range for $30 to $80 per session.  To find out more please click out of this window and find the ‘get started’ button.

After Governor Walz announcement of a shelter in place order we aren’t offering in-home personal training.  We can offer remote training.  And we can offering training outside in local parks (exercise outside with proper social distancing is aloud during shelter in place).

We are complying with the shelter in place order. We are encouraging our community to help slow the spread of the epidemic however they can.  We are offering a free morning workout to anyone who wants to join to keep their spirits up, their bodies fit, and their immunity strong.

We have just the thing!  Join us every morning at 8:30am (Monday through Saturday) for a live online workout.  We are also throwing in a little meditation and daily tip on how to help us all get through this.  The series is called Move, Meditate, and Make a Difference.  Fill out the form above to receive an invite.  Can’t make it at 8:30am?  No problem – follow along with us at our Youtube channel.  The daily event will be posted by about 10am.