Here's the quick scoop on what our community asks the most.

How much does it cost?

Invest in your well-being with our personal training programs starting at $85 weekly. We recommend a two-month commitment to truly reap the benefits. If you're on a tighter budget, consider our virtual classes.

What if I try and I don't like it?

No sweat—if it's not a fit, just let us know before your 4th session. We'll refund your fees in full, no questions asked!

I don't have a gym or any equipment in my house. Can I train with you?

Yes! All you need is a space the size of a yoga mat. And you don’t even need the yoga mat. Our trainers carry portable equipment with them. And you’d be surprised what we can do without any equipment whatsoever.

I’m really out of shape, injured, or ill. Will you make adjustments for me?

If you are out of shape, recovering from an injury, or have a chronic illness you are actually in the majority of Happy Human clients. Our trainers are skilled at making adjustments and are non-judgemental.

Can I request a type of trainer? (Female, Male, LGBTQ+ Friendly, etc)

Yes absolutely. Depending on your schedule and/or geographic availability we may not have your preferred gender available. We’ll do our best! All our trainers are kind people who do not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, age, body type, etc. This is a condition of being a Happy Human trainer.

Is it worth the money?

Investing in training is investing in your future, with tangible health and longevity benefits that far outweigh the costs. Make the best investment of your life. Invest in your own happiness.

I want to find a trainer for my 65+ year old mother or father. How best to proceed?

Please fill follow one the 'get your own personal trainer' forms. You can fill out the form on behalf of your parent. And if you like we can talk over your unique situation on the phone! Just call 612-810-0373. We get this situation quite frequently and have some experience in how to best go about talking it over with your parent.

How does payment work?

We take all major credit cards. We set you up on plan to have your card charged on a bi-weekly basis for your plan. Talk to us if you have any concerns. We can usually make things work for our clients.

I’m worried about a trainer coming to my house. It is a mess! And my dog/cat is a nuisance!

We have seen it all! Please don’t worry about cleaning up for us. Make yourself at home in your home. And you may find that your pets really come to enjoy the regular visits from your trainer.

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