in-home personal training.


Why us? Maybe it’s our in-home convenience. Or our commitment to fitness results that last a lifetime, not a season. Maybe it’s that we’re never judgy-judgy. Or that everything we do is laser-focused on you, your lifestyle, your schedule, your…you-ness. Whatever your reason, give us a try for yourself.

a few of our favorite training methods.

Looking for a personal trainer Maple Grove?  We seek out the very best in-home personal trainers in and around St. Paul.  And they are versatile! Already have a training method or two in mind? Just let us know. Or, let your trainer pick the methods most suited to you.


Great for building functional strength, increased power and muscle.

core work

It's no secret that a strong core is the foundation for functional, dynamic, fluid, and happy body.

In-Home-Personal Training

weight training

Weight lifting helps tone, strengthen and boost energy and our trainers make sure you work with them safely and effectively.

nutritional coaching

Make the most of your training and fitness plan with nutrition advice and support from a nutrition coach.

training for seniors

Specialized training people 70+. Increased energy, flexibility, balance, and longevity.


Improve total body strength and heart health. 100s of different suspension exercises. 1 simple apparatus.

now, a word from our clients.



Tax Manager and Perpetual Student

Started working out on a regular schedule.  More energy to work.  Learned to use kettlebells.  Decided to go back to school to study nutrition.


Child Psychiatrist and Newlywed

When she started she was short of breath climbing a few flights of stairs.  Now she races 6-year-olds up them.

Business Analyst &
Wonder Woman

Decreased debilitating pain.  Got off Coke (the kind you drink).  Ran 1st 5k ever!


Property Manager &
“Fur Mom”

Leaves her pets flabbergasted with all the cool moves she can do.


looking for a personal trainer Maple Grove?

We love Maple Grove!  We have a small but fierce band of personal trainers who service the Maple Grove area.  We can offer sessions in most times of the day (including evenings, mornings and weekends).

Zip codes served include:  55311, 55331, and the wild and wonderful 55369.


Personal Trainer
and Basketball Player


Sustainable Weight Loss
Muscle Building

Hi Maple Grove, we are a locally owned/operated business!

Embark on your fitness journey with Happy Human’s in-home personal training in Maple Grove. Whether you’re in the picturesque Elm Creek neighborhood, enjoying family life in the friendly community of Nottingham Park, or embracing the vibrant lifestyle of Donegal South, our tailored fitness programs are designed to blend seamlessly with your life in Maple Grove.

Our in-home personal training in Maple Grove is more than just a service; it’s a lifestyle adaptation, offering fitness solutions that resonate with the unique charm and vibrancy of Maple Grove. Living in zip codes like 55311, 55369, or 55569? We’re ready to serve you. Imagine perfecting your fitness routine in the comfort of your own neighborhood, surrounded by the natural beauty and community spirit that Maple Grove is known for.

Our trainers are deeply connected to the Maple Grove community, understanding the diverse needs and lifestyles of its residents, from the bustling activity of Arbor Lakes to the quiet, leafy streets of Shadow Creek. With Happy Human’s in-home personal training in Maple Grove, your local surroundings become an integral part of your health and fitness journey.

but enough about us, let’s talk about you.

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