Stay fit. At home. And stick to it!

Daily Virtual Fitness and Wellness Classes via Zoom for all fitness levels.

Gae Jarvis of Scandia, MN. Completed over 540 classes in 3 years! And had fun in each one!
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Amber Walker, Co-Founder of Happy Human
Fitness Class Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer
Minnesota Farm Girl

you want
me to do what now?

You know you need to keep fit.  But some fitness program are always “Push, Push, Push”.  They end up hurting more than helping.

Generic Youtube videos are convenient but…  they lack a personal touch.  They don’t know you, your capabilities, or your limitations.  And that exercise bike you purchased with good intentions?  Gathering dust.

The solution?  A real person who listens and cares.   A radical notion!  We listen, adjust, and create custom modifications.  We get to know you and care about you.  If you don’t show up for class, we’ll notice and get in touch.  We’ll work with you so you can stick with it.
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stay consistent

Classes every weekday at the same time. So it's easy to get in a good routine.

Scientific Fitness


We love research! We spend a lot of time with the science. We won't upsell you on the latest unproven fad.

Fun Fitness through Personal Training

have fun!

This isn't about breaking world records. It's about having fun, having more energy for your day, and enjoyment!

words from our members.

“A fabulous way to start our day! Movement and laughter with Amber, quieting our mind with Jesse. It is the perfect way to work your body at your own ability and feel stronger each day!!”
Gae Jarvis
Retired Educator and Bird Lover, Scandia MN
"I've had trouble sticking with fitness programs in the past. But the fact that these classes happen every single weekday at 8:30am has really made it a habit for me. And I have to show up because I know Amber is keeping track!"
Ann Keuper
Retired Teacher's Aid and Avid Reader, La Crosse, WI
“ I feel stronger in my body and emotionally. I really appreciate all you and Jesse have done to provide a supportive, consistent space to move, meditate and connect!”
Anna Hayek
Wellness Instructor and Mom, Minneapolis MN

the reviews are in.

average star rating

average star rating

*Reviews tallied from all our published online reviews as of 1/26/23. Includes Google, Facebook, Yelp, Bark, and Thumbtack.

your new schedule.

move at 8:30am

It couldn’t be simpler.  Move every weekday from 8:30am to 9:00am.  Times are in CST (Central Standard).  If you live on the West coast of the US it would be 6:30-7:00am.  On the East Coast?  9:30 to 10am.



Give your body and brain a workout.  Learn new words. Try a challenging movement pattern.  Have Fun!



Strengthen your core with this Pilates inspired workout.  Chair options always available!



A full body workout in a chair.  Great for those with limited mobility.  Don’t worry there will always a challenge.



Strength and power are not just for athletes.  It is also for anyone who wants to keep doing what they love.



Time to celebrate! 

Let’s just move and dance together in rhythm.

meditate at 9:00am

If you like you can also join us for a stress-releaving, blood-pressure-lowering, meditation at 9:00am (CST).


Beginner's Mind

A great place for beginners to try meditation for the first time.  Or for experts to return to the fundamentals.



Meditation can happen all day not just while you are on the cushion.  Learn principles of mindfulness to carry your meditation with you through the day.



A class inspired by Tai Chi.  Move slowly and feel the flow of energy to relax and rejuvenate your body.



Take a deep breath and get some space in your life with this anxiety relieving meditation.



In this meditation we explore our sense of identity. Who are we really?  See yourself from a renewed perspective in this nonduality-inspired meditation.


No tech worries here. 

All you do is click a link we send when you register – same link for every class. Click it, and you’ll jump right into your Zoom session. Easy, friendly, and human!

If anything comes up we can help.  Remember, we are all friends here.

Not at all!

If you’re more comfortable keeping your camera off, that’s absolutely okay. This is your journey, and we want you to feel relaxed and happy every step of the way. You do you, we’re just here to support and cheer you on!

Handling payment is as easy as a smile.

Just sign up for a monthly subscription, and your first month is entirely free!  It works out to $2 per class!  Plus, you can pay using PayPal or your credit card.

Simple and straightforward, that’s our way!

Not at all!

Canceling your membership is as easy as pie. You can do it anytime through PayPal or by sending us an email, and we’ll handle the rest.

After all, your journey, your rules!

Not at all!

All you need is your wonderful self and a little space about the size of a yoga mat. And guess what?  You don’t even need the yoga mat!

So, find your spot and get ready to feel happy and healthy, right from the comfort of your own living room.

Absolutely, yes!

Remember, we’re all human and in different stages of our fitness journey. You’re perfect as you are, and we’re just here to support you, encourage you, and help you feel happier and healthier, one class at a time.

No judgments, only love!

Our classes aren’t about pushing you to your limits, but rather about making you feel good and energized.

So, if you’re a young athlete seeking an intense workout, you might not find what you’re looking for here.

Other than that, we offer a variety of options for intensity. You can choose what feels right for you. After all, this is your journey, and we’re here to make it enjoyable and satisfying!

Absolutely, you can join in!

But safety first – if you have an injury or medical condition, we highly recommend checking in with your doctor before you start. We want this journey to be a happy, healthy one for you!

you ready? you look ready.

yep, you’re definitely ready.

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