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Hey there, our Minneapolis Personal Trainer team comes to you!

Our minneapolis personal trainer team take a new approach to fitness. Not one so focused on the scale.

43% of people set fitness resolutions each year. 91% give up.1

Try the latest fitness fad.  Get injured.  Try a diet that promises a fitness model body.  Unsustainable.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s not you!!  The fitness industry has failed us.  It profits off of ineffective programs and unrealistic expectations.  A cycle of failure keeps you coming back.  All pain.  No gain.

It’s chaos out there.

We believe you deserve better.  With a little sanity and a little humanity we can break the cycle together.

break the cycle.

We know that powerless feeling of watching your body decline and feeling like nothing you try actually works.

Happy Human has helped hundreds of clients and performed over 30,000 sessions. We know how to make a plan and how to help people STICK to that plan – in fact, our average client stays with us for hundreds of workouts. Many times higher than the industry average.

We’d like to do the same for you!  Imagine what your body will feel like after a 100 happy-tired workouts.

Amber and Jesse Walker
Co-Owner/Operators of Happy Human

our services.

In-Home Personal Training

Stay there.  We’ll come to you!  Training available in the Twin Cities area of MN.

65+ Senior

Let our senior training specialists provide safe training and a fun social outlet for seniors.


Online Personal Training

Train with our trainers anywhere in the world.  In-home fitness without borders.

virtual fitness and meditation classes

Virtual Fitness Classes

Join our daily zoom fitness and wellness classes. Move, meditate, make a difference in your life!

benefits of choosing us.

An Empathetic Approach

No berating. No judging. Our trainers aren't here to tear you down. They are friendly, approachable and laser-focused on you.

Unstoppable Consistency

Lifelong changes require unstoppable consistency. You'll be amazed at what a little accountability to a trainer will do for your consistency.


Our trainers are HIGHLY vetted for their training and communication skills. Which means your risk of injury is low and your program effectiveness will be high.

1, 2, 3 time to break free with…

the fit-for-life plan.


Find a Minneapolis Personal Trainer.

Fill out a quick form, so we get to know you, and answer all your questions.

Put your Fitness on Automatic.

You’ll meet your trainer who will make a customized plan.  You’ll overcome obstacles and always know what to do and when.

Stronger, Healthier, Happier.

You’ll finally achieve your fitness goals, allowing you to tackle your dreams with an abundance of energy.

the reviews are in.


"Best Investment!"

I can honestly say he was the best investment I have made in a long while. Bryan is not only knowledgeable about fitness, but truly cares about helping you achieve your goals. I was especially impressed with his punctuality at 5:30 am.
Stan Volkman
About Minneapolis Personal Trainer (In-Home) Bryan

"Wheelchair days gone!"

Because of happy human those wheelchair days are long gone. My mom has reversed her aging process with the help of Jocey. Best of all, SHE'S HAPPY! She has a new best friend coming to the house three times a week with a new set of ears to hear all the same old stories.
Mary Kaye of Minneapolis, MN
About Minneapolis Personal Trainer Jocey

"Made it a Habit!"

I've had trouble sticking with fitness programs in the past. But the fact that these classes happen every single weekday at 8:30am has really made it a habit for me. And I have to show up because I know Amber is keeping track!
Ann Keuper of La Crosse, WI
Virtual Classes with Amber and Jesse

all the goodies.


Accountability means consistency and consistency means lifelong changes.

Habit Coaching

Make improvements 24 hrs a day. Fitness will be built into the fabric of your life.

Highly-Vetted Trainers

Rest easy. You are in the hands of a true expert. Your body will be safe. And you'll progress quickly.

A New Friend

Our clients are our friends. Friendship helps weather the inevitable setbacks and plateaus.

Help with Equipment

No equipment necessary. If you have equipment, you’ll never wonder if you are using it properly.

Workout Planning

You’ll always know what to do. Less guessing and more moving!

One-of-a-Kind Sessions

Sessions customized exactly to your body. You won’t get derailed with excessive soreness.

Discreet Service

Nosey neighbors? No marked cars. No uniforms. Your fitness is your business.

Auto Scheduling/ Billing

We’ll put everything on automatic so there will be fewer reasons to fall off the wagon.

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