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discover lifelong fitness that fits your life.

this is How We

break the cycle of fitness failure.

Best Personal Trainers in Town

in-home personal training

(in Minneapolis, MN).

Cancel that membership, leave your car in the garage! Our Minneapolis personal trainers come to you. Your home, your outfit, your schedule.

Good Habits through Personal Training

habit coaching

More than just sit-ups and squats, we build good habits to last a lifetime.

Reach your Fitness Goals

achieving goals

We get to know your goals, your life, how you move and how you think. Then we customize a one-of-a-kind plan just for you.

Fun Fitness through Personal Training

empathetic approach

No berating. No judging. Our trainers are experienced, friendly, darn good at what they do and, most importantly, laser-focused on you.

Scientific Fitness

evidence-based practice

Superfoods? Immortality? There’s a lot of wild info out there. We sift through the muck to help you apply the real research.

Personal Training for Seniors and Longevity

lifelong health & fitness

The only thing better than meeting your health and fitness goals? Achieving them for a lifetime.

this is How We

break the cycle of fitness failure.

Best Personal Trainers in Town

personal training at home

(in the Minneapolis metro area).

Give up your membership and keep your car in the garage! Our in-home personal trainers come to your place, delivering a great workout at your home on your schedule.

Good Habits through Personal Training

habit change

We aren't just about crunches and curls, we establish good habits that will serve you for a lifetime.

Reach your Fitness Goals

get to your goal

We don't waste time with generic workouts. We customize our workouts to maximize the chances of you achieving your goal.

Fun Fitness through Personal Training

We're nice (yet effective)

No yelling. No guilting. Our trainers are nice folks and darn good trainers. The pathway to your goals doesn't need to tear you down or beat you up.

Scientific Fitness

science is good

Miracle Pill Anyone? There’s a lot of bad info in the fitness industry. We are your filter and will give you the straight story on what the science actually says.

Personal Training for Seniors and Longevity

Long-term focus

We aren't about starving you so we can get a misleading before/after photo. We want to measure your progress in decades. Not months. If your life isn't better for the long-term we haven't done our job.

but enough about us, let’s talk about you.

And now IT's time for

a few inspirations.


Happy Human Habit #20

Stand up and move
every 20 minutes
(unless you’re sleeping).

Business Analyst and Wonder Woman

Decreased debilitating pain.  Got off Coke (the kind you drink). Prioritized her body over working yet more overtime.  Ran 1st 5k ever!

Motivation is what gets you started. Habits are what keep you going.

~Jim Ryun

“What is so special about my trainer is her geniune care for me as a person.  I’m not just a client she is training.”

—Jen Cook
Grad Student of Minneapolis, MN

Tax Manager and Perpetual Student

Started working out on a regular schedule.  More energy at work.  Learned to use kettlebells.  Decided to go back to school to study nutrition.

we’re certified.

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hello, human.

Wondering how to stay fit (and sane) while sheltering in place?

This cheery little window will tell you everything you need to know about Happy Human during the COVID-19 health crises.  We will update it as new information becomes available.  Last update? 3/26/20

Join us every morning at 8:30am for a FREE and live online workout and meditation!

Yes, we do!  Please click out of this window and find a get started button.  Prices range for $30 to $80 per session.  To find out more please click out of this window and find the ‘get started’ button.

After Governor Walz announcement of a shelter in place order we aren’t offering in-home personal training.  We can offer remote training.  And we can offering training outside in local parks (exercise outside with proper social distancing is aloud during shelter in place).

We are complying with the shelter in place order. We are encouraging our community to help slow the spread of the epidemic however they can.  We are offering a free morning workout to anyone who wants to join to keep their spirits up, their bodies fit, and their immunity strong.

We have just the thing!  Join us every morning at 8:30am (Monday through Saturday) for a live online workout.  We are also throwing in a little meditation and daily tip on how to help us all get through this.  The series is called Move, Meditate, and Make a Difference.  Fill out the form above to receive an invite.  Can’t make it at 8:30am?  No problem – follow along with us at our Youtube channel.  The daily event will be posted by about 10am.