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Happy Human Habit #1 – Curate your Sleep


What makes a Happy Human?

The right habits.

We’ve been counting down those habits during the past 12 weeks.  And we’ve come to the end.  To the one habit that we think is more important than all of the habits.  And the number one habit is…drumroll please…


This means giving your sleep top priority and caring for your sleeping environment like a curator at museum cares for the environment that houses great works of art.  Because you are a work of art.  And you sleep best under just the right conditions..

Make sleep a purposefully designed aspect of your life, instead of something you fall into out of desperation or disinterest. It is clear that getting enough sleep (7-9hrs for most adults) will vastly improve your overall health for both the long and short term.  

What steps can you take?

Step #1 – Make it a priority.

Step #2 – Then, print out the Happy Human sleep checklist and use it!

Sleep and technology

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