Fitness Guest Post

Note: As of 11/2018 we aren’t accepting new Guest Posters.  But we may do so in the near future.  So please check back.

Want to write a health, diet or fitness guest post?  If you are an expert in these fields and you have good writing skills we’d love to have you write for our blog.

Guest posting is an all around win-win. We get a great article for our readers to enjoy and you get exposure to readers of the blog and our followers on facebook, twitter, linkedin and elsewhere. Not to mention that if you own a website guest posting can have great SEO benefits.

If this sounds interesting to you then please write our blog manager (   Send us your fitness guest post directly or send questions first.  Before writing please check our ‘voice’ document below to make sure that your expertise and style of writing is a good fit for our blog.

The Voice of Happy Human


It is possible to workout at high intensity without using guilt, shame, machismo, or other forms of egotism as motivation. Instead we use as our fuel things like; a sense of accomplishment, physical training that actually feels good to do, and community as a support system.

An autobiographical style is fine if but if you are writing about your experiences please consider what benefit this has to our readers. Try to use your experience to help others.

Also we like to keep things upbeat.  A generally optimistic outlook is very beneficial to attaining fitness goals.  If you like to write in a pessimistic tone then we are probably not a good fit for you.

Perhaps most importantly we like to give readers with all different learning styles a chance to benefit from our entries.  This means:

  • great writing for our linguistically inspired folks,
  • bullet points, lists, or data charts for linear types
  • images for visual learners
  • videos for those that like to see information in action.

Always try to incorporate several of these formats.


Our blog is about physical training and fitness in general.   Also we are very interested in the power of scientific evidence to help us distinguish what is helpful and what isn’t.

This means we are very skeptical of miracle weight loss, energy boosting, or muscle building products. We have a very high bar for these kinds of products. So if you are trying to sell something along these lines we won’t publish you without some very compelling evidence that your product does what it purports to do.

Also if your content is about a fitness or health care field that uses some method besides scientific evidence as a means of validation then we may not be the best fit for you.

Some fields that we think lack the necessary support evidence: homeopathy, chiropractic, cranial-sacral therapy, chelation therapy.

If you work in these fields convince us! Send us links to studies that support your methods. Or better yet we can initiate a dialogue about your field on our blog! We are open to interaction with you on our blog even if we cannot endorse your techniques to our readers and clients at this time.

Some fields that we consider to have clear evidence-based benefits: massage, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, yoga, any activity involving aerobic exercise, meditative practices.

All work submitted should be original writing that is published nowhere else on the web. Nor do we except ‘spun’ articles that are a simply a reworded replica of a previously published article. We want content written specifically for our audience.

Any work published by us belongs to Happy Human unless we agree to some other terms prior to publishing. Please do not republish any work you submit to us. I think you’ll find we are very amenable to suggestions to promote your work, but please don’t republish anything you write for us before talking it over with us first.

We look forward to working with you!