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This page is for registered members of Move, Meditate, and Make a Difference.  Everything you need to know in one place!

Class Schedule and Links

*Mon – Fri @ 8:30am (CST): “Move Meditate and Make a Difference” (Link:
*Saturday @ 8:30am (CST): “Meditations w/Jesse” (Link:

Pay What you Wish

As you may be aware, we are trying out a new way of doing business.  Pay what you wish!  Click on the link below to learn more.

Invite Friends and Family

By all means!  Please invite your family and friends.  Eventually we’d love to get our membership to around the 30 family mark.

*Send them here to learn more: About MMM

*Send them here to register: Register for MMM


Every now and again we take a little break to refuel.  Next up: Family time with the Grandparents!

No class on Friday Aug 14th and Saturday Aug 15th

MMM on Youtube

Can’t make a session?  Check out our Youtube playlists for members.

Get Coaching with Amber!

Your membership includes coaching with Amber!  Ask questions about aches or pains.  Set up your fitness goals.  Talk nutrition.  Amber is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.  

Our preferred medium for coaching is the app ‘Marco Polo’.  This app allows for the easy recording of short videos.  These videos are entirely private.  Only Amber will see them.

Note: You are also welcome to ask question via email or pop in after a class (Saturday’s are an especially good time as there is less socializing after class).

Here's How to Get Coaching

Step 1: Download 'Marco Polo' from your favorite App Store

Step 2: Open app and go to 'Enter a Phone Number'. Enter - 612-810-0373 - that is Amber's number, then click "Add"

Step 3: Tap on Amber in your 'chats' list. Start your private conversation with Amber!

Practice your form.

Send us your thoughts.

Inspirations, improvements, ideas ?  We are all ears!

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