Happy Human Habit #3 – Eat Until 80% Full

Greetings, lovely readers! I’m Amber E. Walker, your guide on a journey towards a more mindful, balanced approach to eating. I’m a seasoned personal trainer and am also precision nutrition certified.  Today, let’s explore a concept that’s simple yet transformative – eating until you’re 80% full. This practice isn’t about weight loss; it’s about listening […]

Holy Eating: A Personal Trainer’s Guide to Eating Gracefully during the Holidays

hol-i-day /’hälǝ,dā/ 1: holy day 2: a day on which one is exempt from work; specifically: a day marked by a general suspension of work in commemoration of an event. Webster’s Dictionary Online Definition #2 is very functional. It describes from a practical point of view what a “holiday” is. Definition #1, however, is the […]

5 Reasons to Stand Up for your Health

If I could instill one and only one habit in my clients, it would be to spend less time sitting. Sitting for long-hours is arguably as dangerous to the body as smoking cigarettes. Here are but a few of the reasons why: #1 Sitting too much causes depression. This Huffington Post article examines a study […]

102 Holistic Nutrition Recipes, 3 Eating Rules and 1 Great Blogger

This blog entry is about Andrew Wilder, (not to be confused with the heavily-bearded alternative medicine guru Andrew Weil).  Andrew Wilder runs the healthy eating blog ‘Eating Rules’. In my profession as a personal trainer I have learned to be a sceptic. The fitness and food industries are so riddled with commercial interests that my default […]

HIIT Training is a HIIT

Do you need to workout at a gym to get results or can you do it at home? Can the latest piece of workout equipment be a high-speed internet connection instead of a $1000 machine? Can in-person access to a qualified personal trainer cost less than the typical $75-$100 per workout? Do you really need […]