The Value of Cross Training

Too often our drive to improve ourselves grows fixated on one endeavor. We seek to master one pursuit, whether it be weight training or cycling, and pour over all the information and advice we can find on how to maximize our potential in that field. The rush you can achieve as you notice yourself improving […]

How To Find the Right Yoga Studio

Yoga’s rise in popularity has seen a commensurate rise in yoga studios, such that now most cities and towns can boast a half dozen places to study this practice. Whether it’s a large class at a commercial gym or a private studio with only a few dedicated practitioners, whether it’s hot yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha […]

Yoga vs Pilates

When it comes to developing a long, lean body that is toned, healthy, and vibrant, people are often referred to try either yoga or Pilates. While at first these practices may seem similar, they have some fundamental differences that readily become apparent upon trying them both. Even within each practice there are striking differences between […]