Believe in Yourself and Be Positive

“Believe” is a word I use every day as a coach and basically in everything I do. It’s a word you need to say as you look at yourself in the mirror every morning and then take on the day with a smile.

Since this is a blog for fitness minded individuals let’s apply that word towards our fitness. You may have various goals in fitness; run a marathon? Lose weight? Complete a Triathlon? Whatever your fitness goal is in order to complete it you must first “believe” in yourself and then the people around you must believe in you. You can’t let those negative vibes of doubt creep into your head.

Taking on something like a marathon is very intimidating; I mean running 26.2 miles really?!  But if you believe in yourself if you stay true to the plan and keep focused you can make that dream real.

Often when we are training for an event or trying to lose weight or whatever that fitness related goal is we are chasing things will go wrong we will begin to doubt ourselves and say “maybe I can’t do this” it’s when that begins to take shape that we need to stop and say “I believe” and we need to surround ourselves with our support team and those who also believe in us and will lift us up and keep us on track.

Being a positive person and spending time with positive people is a key element in anything you do but it is really important as you chase your fitness goals. Because if you play head games with yourself, if you let negative vibes creep into your head, or you let people tell you that you can’t do something it will be a long road and very tough to achieve the fitness goals you have set for yourself.

Stand up proud and always believe in yourself! Walk with a swagger and confidence. Chase your fitness goals and dreams and make them real! You can do it, I believe in you, now believe in yourself!


Mike Buenting lives and works in beautiful Minneapolis where he divides his time between being a great dad, a highly successful realtor, and a stellar marathon and triathlon coach. Check out his blog at