5 Ways to Make Your Office Space Healthier

Gone are the luxury of short workdays. For blue-collar office workers, seven, eight, sometimes nine hours are spent daily at a desk or cubicle during the week. Such a lengthy sedentary lifestyle can have lasting negative effects on your health. Staring at a computer screen can affect your posture and your eyesight and give you […]

5 Reasons to Stand Up for your Health

If I could instill one and only one habit in my clients, it would be to spend less time sitting. Sitting for long-hours is arguably as dangerous to the body as smoking cigarettes. Here are but a few of the reasons why: #1 Sitting too much causes depression. This Huffington Post article examines a study […]

Look Before You Leap (But Then Take the Plunge)

I’m a lawyer.  Which, almost by definition, means I’m Type-A to the extreme.  Which means that  I collect data.  That I search for answers. That I analyze and re-analyze.  That I look at things from every angle.  And that I then, for good measure, I look again.  And then – only after making absolutely sure […]

Dealing With Adversity in Sports

As we go through life we get tossed curveballs all the time known as “adversity” and we need to learn how to overcome it and keep moving forward. This is especially true in the world of endurance sports. As an athlete who competes and coaches others I see this all the time. Something happens during […]

Believe in Yourself and Be Positive

“Believe” is a word I use every day as a coach and basically in everything I do. It’s a word you need to say as you look at yourself in the mirror every morning and then take on the day with a smile. Since this is a blog for fitness minded individuals let’s apply that […]