Spinning versus Running – Which is Healthier?

There are plenty of options to choose from when you’re deciding how to get in shape and be healthy. Two popular options when it comes to working out are indoor cycling (spinning) and running. Both can deliver excellent results, but spinning versus running: which is the healthier workout regimen for you? Both workouts offer cardiovascular […]

Why Run?

I am passionate about running. The problem is that it’s hard to explain why. When some people have asked me why I run, I tend to give the usual answers; but every time I try to explain or justify the appeal of this activity something feels unsaid, lingering as though I am just scratching the […]

Running Your First Race

Running a race can be intimidating but don’t let that keep you from signing up!  Whether you’re training to run your first race or already have a few under your belt, here are my best tips to take you from packet pick up to celebrating at the finish line. Pre-Race Knowledge is power! Read through […]