Hi, we are Happy Human

Hello Human!

Welcome to our company.  We are glad you are here.  Here is the lowdown on Happy Human.

We are not your average fitness company.

We want to make long lived happy humans… not another yo-yo ya-ya fitness scheme.

We started as I Think I Can Fitness in 2012.

I Think I Can Fitness was about creating an alternative to the gym culture.  For those of you who aren’t big fans of blaring teenager music, getting splashed by other people’s sweat, and stressing about your workout attire. We wanted to bring fitness right to you; your home, your choice of music, your choice of outfit.

I Think I Can Fitness brought fitness to you and did so with the most qualified, most caring, and most long-term focused trainers we could find.  Trainers who listen, who think, who care deeply, and who customize their plans for each and every client.

Now it’s time for the next step. A more ambitious step. Our moonshot.

And the moonshot is … wait for it…

Not so much a giggly euphoric humanity.  You know with the bubbles, lights, techno, and bizarre wardrobe choices. That kind of happiness is fine too.  We mean the kind of happiness that moves in with you.  That celebrates when times are good, and holds your head above water when times are bad.

This is a quieter happiness and a quieter confidence. A confidence that comes from knowing you are taking care of your body and your body is taking care of you. You’re good pals with your body. A good team.

Here is our moonshot in mission statement form.

At Happy Human, our mission is to…

help real people
break the cycle of fitness failure
to create lifelong vitality

We are for the people.   Not the super-athletes, bodybuilders, ultra-marathoners, and waif-like supermodels.   Ok…super-people are people too.  But they are over-represented in fitness culture. If you are trying to do something extreme with your body, we may not be the best choice for you.

If, however, you’ve been around the block long enough to realize that most of fitness industry profits come from cultivating a cycle of failure in their customers (swing diets, sketchy supplements, extreme programs of self-denial) then you are in the right place. We are here to break this cycle, once and for all, in as many people as we can.

Breaking this cycle means a slower, but more sustainable, flow towards lifelong vitality. We want to be part of our clients lives now and when they are feisty 90-year-olds who have a great chance of making it to a vibrant 100!

In-home personal training is a huge part of this mission.

We plan to continue to pour our hearts and our resources into the art and science of personal training. Here are some Happy Human projects designed to make us even more effective at making long-lived happy humans.

Happy Human Habits

Fitness is a cornerstone of a happy life. But fitness doesn’t just happen in the 1 to 3 hrs you spend with your personal trainer. Fitness runs much deeper than that, it is happening the whole day..

Toward that end we are creating a list of the most important and easily applicable fitness habits. We plan to share these on this blog, on social media, and through a Happy Human line of apparel (fancy language for company t-shirts).

Here are few example habits –

  • Happy Human Habit #1 – Curate your Sleep.
  • Happy Human Habit #3 – Eat until 80% Full. 

We want to help our community build a foundation of good habits.

We will never be the company for fast (and unsustainable) weight loss. We’ll never be the company for masochistic (and dangerous) boot camp style training.

We promise to work with diligence and passion until we are, clearly, the go-to company for real, long-term, sustainable fitness.

How you can help.

If you think the world is ready for a saner message about fitness, we’d love your help.

We want to help the most people possible. It’s time to end the cycle of boom/bust, self-hatred/self-denial, starve/gorge. Here are some ways you can help –

If you are:

One of our clients – Take on this lifestyle with us! Become a walking example of a sustainable, habit-based lifestyle.

A potential clientget started here.

One of our trainers – Be generous with your feedback on how we can make this happen.

An aspiring Happy Human trainerApply for our team!

An investor – Contact jesse [at] www.happyhumanfitness.com. We are seeking seed capital to take the first steps out of our own bootstraps.

Anyone – Share us across the internet!